Pilgrimage of Fates

Venatil's Journal

[The leather bound journal is written in a small, precise script, often times clipped and short hand.]

Awoke in tomb. With Rosha, Goliath (Earth), Ebony, Pixie (Wind), and Lugh, Eladrin (Fire.) Elements fought us. Claimed to not disturb the avatars. (Are we the Avatars? If so, why were we attacked?)

Old man. Said we woke in Tomb of Aura. Nox is great evil. Eldenholm may hold more answers. Traveled to Fryskellig. Slain servants of Nox, whom burned village. Aided in saving village. Purchased this journal.

Set out to mill. Met child on road, Ryon. Gave old medallion and told "May her light guide your path." Encountered bandits. Moe, lackey, captured, then escaped. Mr. Stros, bandit leader forced into pact with Nox (?) regretful. Could not save him. Slain, and turned to shadow. Fought champion of Nox, slain.


Returned to village. Got cart and oxen. Ryon (and sister Sera?) didn't exist. Medallion [word crossed out] special. Set out for Eldenholm.


Encountered bandits. Tricked, ambushed, slain. Underhanded. Distasteful. Breo slain, but restored (Avatar power?) Arrived in Eldenholm.


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